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2019 Australian federal election

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ACT Senate (the big ballot paper)


NSW Senate (the big ballot paper)


NT Senate (the big ballot paper)


QLD Senate (the big ballot paper)


SA Senate (the big ballot paper)


TAS Senate (the big ballot paper)


VIC Senate (the big ballot paper)


WA Senate (the big ballot paper)

Past elections

2019 NSW state election


What is gotform?
An impartial form guide to each candidate in your electorate including a policy summary and donation & funding information
Why does it look so bad?/Why don't you have this data/feature?

In case you couldn't guess I am not a visual designer.

This is a hobby project that I am doing on the side because for several elections I have got to the polling booth, walked past all the people handing out pamphlets on their candidate but really wanted a quick reference for all the candidates on the ballot.

I will add more stuff as I get time and will endeavour to allow you to add more stuff

Can I help?

Thanks for asking.

Firstly please spread the word, if you want to print out a copy for yourself and then hand that to someone else once you have voted. Although this site will work fine on your phone if you don't want to waste the paper.

Yes some of the data is crowd sourced in a fashion similar to Wikipedia. You can find out more about editing data here

Can I use the data
Yes. Do what you want with it, hopefully create something cool. Fell free to scrape the google sheet. Everything is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License