Editing data

Position information is crowd sourced in a fashion similar to Wikipedia. You can help by adding a candidates positions on an issue in Google sheets.

2019 Australian federal election
There are 3 separate sheets (the tabs on the bottom) one for parties and then one for candidates in the house of representatives and the third for candidates the senate. Find the party or candidate you want to update and enter their views. The grey cells on the sheet are locked for editing.

The pages on this site are generated utilising this sheet as input on a periodic basis. Changes to the sheets will not be reflected immediately.

Style guide

  • Follow a Supports or Opposes style
  • If a candidate value is blank the party value will be used, if the party value is blank or the candidate is an independent then it is assumed that there is no position
  • Use comments on the cell to store citations where possible
  • Don't be a dick

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